Graduate Student and Post-doc Opportunities

Gradate Student and Post-doc Opportunities with HOUSE lab @ UTM.

Gradate Students

I am looking for one or more graduate students (MA or PhD, UofT Geograhy; fully funded positions) interested in urban environmental management, socio-ecological systems, and/or urban forests to work on a SSHRC funded project surveying urban residents about their knowledge, attitudes and actions related to specific green infrastructure features. This is part of a larger project looking to identify barriers to a green infrastructure approach and effective solutions. Green infrastructure has the potential to address growing urban challenges, including storm water management and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Recent research has explored instillation, function and benefits of green infrastructure, while many municipalities are incorporating it into storm water and other related policy. In many cities, residents’ participation in green infrastructure initiatives is needed given the overall proportion of residential land and the space to install green infrastructure on many properties. However, the little research conducted on this topic suggests that residents are unfamiliar with a green infrastructure approach. As a result, the willingness and ability of residents to adopt green infrastructure is unclear.

The project will contribute to a better understanding of fine-scale urban socio-ecological dynamics, as well as on-going discussions in the urban environmental management and urban forestry literatures. There will be opportunities to network with NGO and government partners contributing to the project, as well as international research collaborators.

These opportunities are available through the Graduate Department of Geography, University of Toronto. More information about the department and admissions is available here.


There are two new programs providing multiple post-doc positions each year, with potential to support research in urban forestry and urban socio-ecological systems.

  1. Center for Urban Environments at UTM, two-year post-doc positions. First round applications due date is August 15, 2018!
  2. UTM Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, one-year positions. Next application due date is November 15, 2018.

Please contact me if you are interested in either of these opportunities.