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How to Make a Better Display

Picture By: Adrian Kawula

Picture By: Adrian Kawula

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself wondering about the way I organize things and take great care to make them display nicely. Nobody wants to display a mess or clutter for public viewing. This blog deals with exactly that; how to organize your display so that it is clean, organized and a pleasure to look at. During my internship at the Mississauga Sports Council I learned many new and interesting things (I also had to teach myself some of these things as well). However, as part of my final project I have to prepare a display on Martial Arts in Mississauga. These are the tips and rules that I followed

My Very Own Personal Handpicked Timeline: A Sneak Peak

by Bhavpreet Saini

As you may recall, a couple of months ago I had changed my approach towards the timeline, and it is now coming along wonderfully, and I am due to be finished within a week or two. But that is not why I have brought you here today. Today I would like to discuss something different, something much more interesting and fascinating: my very own personal handpicked timeline.

Three Reasons Why You Should Do An Internship

By Lucas Braszak

After spending an entire school year working at Heritage Mississauga, the experience has opened my eyes in regards to the possibilities that studying history could bring, and the opportunity to do an internship has brought countless lessons and growing experiences that are invaluable. Here are some reasons why every student should try to undertake an internship- especially if you are a History student.