Research Projects

On-Going Projects

Political Ecology of the Bakken Formation (SSHRC Insight Development Grant, 2016 - 2019)

                     Read about my take on climate change and oil in Saskatchewan in Policy Options

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                     Read a piece I wrote for the Regina LeaderPost 

Canadian Species at Risk Conservation 

                     Read an interview I gave for CBC Saskatchewan

                     Read an interview I gave for 

                     Read a piece I wrote for The Conversation 

                     See me on The Agenda with Steve Paikin

                     Read an interview I gave for CBC

                     Read an interview I gave for MetroNews 

Canada-US Transboundary Environmental Policy & Governance 

                    Read an interview I gave in Grist 


Graduate Research Opportunities 

I welcome graduate students in political science or geography who are interested in environmental policy, especically species at risk conservation, natural resource extraction, and Canada-US environmental relations. In geography, I accept MA and PhD students. In poiltical science, I accept PhD students. 


Current Graduate Students

Patrick Braszak, PhD Candidate, Department of Geography - Wildlife Crime in Canada 

Minh Do, PhD Candidate, Department of Political Science - The Duty to Consult as a Constitutional Obligation and a Public Policy Issue: How Policy Actors Balance Constitutional Rights in the Policy Process 

Past Graduate Students

Grant Penton, MA, Department of Geography, 2018 - Fracturing the Prairies: An examination of small-scale, high-frequency energy development and cumulative effects management 

Patrick Braszak, MA, Department of Geography, 2017 - The Future of Protected Area Networks in North America: An Algonquin to Adirondack (A2A) 

Katie Valentine, MA, Department of Geography, 2017 - eNGO Activity in the Bakken Formation 

Katrina Jansen, MA Department of Geography, 2015 - The Role of Canadian Zoos and Aquaria in Species at Risk Conservation