Latest News and Announcements

July 2020- June 2021:

September 2020: Congratulations to the PhD candidate Phuong Dao who has been selected to receive the Oscar J. Marshall Graduate Fellowship from our Graduate Department of Geography & Planning, University of Toronto.

September 2020: Congratulations to all graduate students in Professor Yuhong He's lab and they are all awarded Mitacs Research Training Awards. The awards provide opportunities for them to “undertake a paid training internship” and “enhance their skills through hands-on research and training experience”. Thanks to Mitacs!

September 2020: Congratulations to the PhD candidate Leah Marajh who has been selected to receive the John D. Barnes Geodetic Sciences Fellowship and the COVID-19 Program Completion Award from our Graduate Department of Geography & Planning, University of Toronto. 

July 2019- June 2020:

May 2020: Our Ph.D. candidate, Mitchell,  presented his research in the first Tree Ring Society Virtual Symposium on May 29, 2020. The presentation is entitled Dendrochronology vs. Remote Sensing: a time-series comparison of tree rings and Landsat in a temperate forest context. Here is the link -

April 2020: Congratulations to Phuong Dao (Ph.D. Candidate) who was awarded Second Place for his presentation in the Student Honors Paper Competition (a virtual session) of the Remote Sensing Specialty Group, AAG Annual Meeting 2020. Phuong’s paper entitled “Improving Hyperspectral Image Segmentation by Applying Inverse Noise Weighting and Outlier Removal for Optimal Scale Selection” is co-authored with Kiran Mantripragada, Yuhong He, and Faisal Qureshi.

December 2019The AAFC Research Scientist Dr. Jiali Shang and Prof. Yuhong He successfully hosted the Precision Agriculture and Remote Sensing Research Network Workshop on December 5, 2019, at UTM. Thanks to all AAFC research scientists Dr. Craig Drury, Dr. Jiali Shang, and Dr. Jiangui Liu and Mr. Charlie Lalonde from CJ Agren Consulting for sharing their valuable and important insights and ideas around precision agriculture. We look forward to our further collaboration. Our sincere thanks also go to the UTM Office of Vice-Principal who supported the workshop through Research Outreach, Conference and Colloquia Fund and GGR@UTM for all the logistic support.

  • When: Thursday, December 5th, 2019 from 9:30 to 4:00
  • Where: Davis building room 2094C, University of Toronto Mississauga
  • Who: Craig Drury (AAFC), Jiali Shang (AAFC), Jiangui Liu (AAFC), Charlie Lalonde (CJ Agren Consulting ), Cameron Proctor (U Winsor), Xiaoyong Xu (CPS, UTM), and Yuhong He, her lab members (Geography, UTM), and many graduate and undergraduate students. 

September 2019Congratulations to Mitchell Bonney (Ph.D. Candidate) who was awarded the following departmental award: Oscar J. Marshall Graduate Fellowship from the Graduate Department of Geography and Planning.

September 2019Congratulations to Mitchell Bonney (Ph.D. Candidate) who had his first paper “Attributing drivers to Spatio-temporal changes in tree density across a suburbanizing landscape since 1944.” (Bonney, M and He, Y.) published in Landscape and Urban Planning, Volume 192, 103652, (Impact Factor = 5.144).

September 2019Congratulations to Cameron Proctor (Ph.D.) who started his Assistant Position at Winsor University. 

July 2018- June 2019:

June 2019: Congratulations to our Ph.D. Candidate Mitchell Bonney who received an NSERC 2019 PGSD Award for two years and successfully defended his Ph.D. proposal in June. 

May 2019: 2019 Group Workshop and Training day for undergrad research assistants. Our lab welcomes new member Ali Al Wafi (left 4) who is a full-time summer assistant and will join the lab as an MSc in September, and we also welcome ROPs (Boyu Xu, right 4; David Paredes, right 3; and Un Wai Wai, absent), CGCS intern and ROP (Monique Dosanjh, right 2), and NSERC USRA and ROP (Zoe Bedford, right 1). 

April 2019: Congratulations to our Ph.D. Candidate Phuong Dao who received the UTM Graduate Student Research Award for 2019. This annual award, co-sponsored by the Associate Dean, Graduate and UTMAGS, is intended to recognize excellence in research by a U of T Mississauga graduate student. Award recipient will receive $2,500.

April 2019: Congratulations to our Ph.D. Candidate Phuong Dao who received the Geography@UTM First Paper Award for his publication “Maximizing the quantitative utility of airborne hyperspectral imagery for studying plant physiology: an optimal sensor exposure setting procedure and empirical line method for atmospheric correction", and

April 2019: Congratulations to our Ph.D. Candidate Mitchell Bonney who received the Geography@UTM Graduate Student Service and Leadership Award at our annual UTM Geography Awards Ceremony. 

April 2019: Congratulations to our Ph.D. Candidate Mitchell Bonney who was elected as the Graduate Student Representative from AAG Landscape Specialty Group.

February 2019: Congratulations to our Ph.D. Candidate Mitchell Bonney who received a Centre for Urban Environments (CUE) research grant for his project: “Monitoring long-term forest change in a suburbanizing landscape using multi-source data”.

September 2018:  On September 15 and 22, 2019, Professor Yuhong He's RSSEM lab was invited by the Blackwood Gallery, a contemporary art centre situated on the University of Toronto Mississauga to participate the site-specific public art exhibition The Work of Wind: Air, Land, Sea, a project dedicated to opening perspectives on climate change, environmental crisis, and resilience in Riverside park Mississauga. Lecturer Dr. Cameron Proctor, Ph.D. Candidate Mitchell Bonney, and MSc student Alexander Axiotis led the event and they discussed and demonstrated remote sensing related studies with the public including many school students. 

July 2017- June 2018:

July 2018: The book co-edited by Dr. Yuhong He and Dr. Qihao Weng entitled High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing: Data, Analysis, and Applications is published by CRC Press, Tayler & Francis Group. Thanks to all the contributors and reviewers.

May 2018: Our first year Ph.D. student Mitchell Bonney from Prof. Yuhong He's RSSEM lab has been selected as runner-up for the Best Oral Presentation at the UTM Graduate Research Colloquium 2018. The title of Mitchell's talk was monitoring changes in forest health across the urban-rural transition using multi-source data. Congratulations!

May 2018: Mitchell Bonney from the Remote Sensing and Spatial Ecosystem Modeling Laboratory at UTM was giving a talk on May 2, 2018, to 180 Grade 6 to 8 students in Let's Talk Science Outreach Event at UTM. Mitchell's talk entitled using satellites to see changes across our landscape was very well received by students. 

April 2018: Congratulations to Dr. Jian Yang who has been awarded a “Chinese Government Award this April for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad” from the China Scholarship Council. This award was founded to reward the academic excellence of self-financed Chinese students studying overseas. Only those with outstanding performance in their Ph.D. studies are considered by the award selection panel and no more than 500 young talents are granted the award each year all over the world.

January 2018: Congratulations to Dr. Bing Lu who is offered a Senior Remote Sensing Scientist position in Fiera Biological Consulting, Edmonton. 

December 2017: Professor He's group meeting and group Christmas lunch. 

November 2017: Congratulations to Professor Yuhong He who is recognized with the E.A. Robinson Teaching Excellence Award.

Summer to Fall 2017: Congratulations to Dr. Cameron Proctor, Dr. Bing Lu, and Dr. Jian Yang, who defended their Phd thesis successfully, and recieved their Doctoral degrees at Convocation in November 2017. 

July 2017: Congratulations to our lab's first Ph.D. Dr. Amy Mui, who was offered a tenure tracked lecturer position in Environmental Science Program at Dalhousie University.

July 2017: Congratulations to Phuong Dao, who is awarded the CGCS Graduate Student Research Award to support his airborne hyperspectral imaging collection to study grassland drought.

July 2016- June 2017:

June 2017: Congratulations to Bing Lu, who is one of the recipients of the Canadian Remote Sensing Society – Société Canadienne de Télédétection (CRSS-SCT, travel grant to attend the Earth Observation Summit 2017 ( . 

June 2017: The grade 7 class of Ms. Stacey English from St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Elementary School in Mississauga was invited to take part in a youth outreach program led by RA Darius Wrathall,  field Tech Phil Rudz, Dr. Amy Mui, Ph.D. Bing Lu, and Dr. Yuhong He in the Department of Geography at the University of Toronto Mississauga on Tuesday, June 6th, 2017. Students enjoyed learning about physical geography, geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing science through engagement in different activities throughout the day. 

June 2017: Phuong successfully sets up his rain shelter system in the field and lab to study drought stress on plants using remote sensing, thanks to our RAs and field tech Phil!


May 2017: Group workshop day and field training day.  Welcome Dukinna, Kevin, Guillaume, Yang, Joshua and Darius who joined us as ROP, Work-Study, and/or Research Assistant this summer. 

March 2017: Congratulations to our MSc Susie (Assunta) Saliola who started her work as an Education and Research Analyst at ESRI Canada. 

Feburary 2017: Congratulations to Alexander Tong for being offered a geospatial/geoscience position in NETL (National Energy Technology Laboratory) in Albany, Oregon.  

January 2017:  Congratulations to Courtney Soden for being offered a soil chemistry technician position in Agriculture and Agri-food Canada. 

October 2016:  Congratulations to Courtney Soden for successfully defending her MSc thesis! Welcome, Phuong Duc Dao (Ph.D. student) and Xiangkun Qi (Visiting PostDoc) join the lab.

July 2016:  We presented an outreach activity to the students in the leadership camp held at UTM on July 8, 2016. The departmental laboratory technician Phil Rudz, undergraduate research assistant Maria Povarova, graduate research assistant Courtney Soden and Prof. He delivered the program which took about one and a half hours. The program started with a science-focused presentation on geography, invasive species, and remote sensing, followed by a jeopardy style game, and a big research UAV and a small drone demo. Thanks to the leadership camp coordinator/leader Sarah Ariano (our very own Geography Graduate student).

July 2016: Yuhong He was one of the three PIs who was invited to give a talk in the “Dishing the Dirt” session in the annual Lab Liaisons, an event organized by the Office of the Vice-Principal, Research, at UTM to explore the inner operations of the research labs on campus.

July 2016: Bing Lu received the best student paper award (Third Place) for our paper entitled “Investigating Species Composition in a Temperate Grassland Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Acquired Imagery” at the 4th International Workshop on Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Applications in Guangzhou, China, July 4-6, 2016.

July 2015- June 2016:

June 2016: Summer group meeting and luncheon:

June 2016: Prof. Yuhong He is awarded NSERC discovery grant for another five years to work on: Quantifying Vegetation Stress from the Leaf to Landscape Scale: Integrating Lab/Field Observations, Radiative Transfer Modelling, and UAV Hyperspectral Imaging System

June 2016: Congratulations to Courtney Soden for winning 20the 16 CENTER FOR GLOBAL CHANGE SCIENCE (CGCS) Graduate Student Research Award.

April ​2016: We presented an outreach activity to kids in the "Bring Our Children to Work Day" at UTM. The Departmental Laboratory Technician Phil Rudz, and the President of SAGE (the Student Association of Geography and Environment) Justin Murfitt, and Prof. He delivered the program. A science-focused talk was first delivered by Prof.He, introducing the concept of native vs non-native species and the impact of the latter, as well as the use of technology as an aid to answering ecological questions. Then Justin and Phil led a jeopardy-style game, which was very enthusiastically received by the students. At the end of the session, Phil gave a demonstration of a quad-copter drone with a video recorder attached to the bottom. Check out the video taken by the drone inside the Faculty club at UTM! Thanks to the event coordinator Blake Eligh and to the great logistic and financial support provided by Toni Luke-Gervais, the business manager of Geography, and by the Ontario Early Researcher Award outreach program awarded to Prof.Yuhong He

April ​2016: The 2016 AAG sessions we organized and chaired drew a crowd!! 

February 2016: Prof. Yuhong He was invited to be an Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) member by the Editor-in-Chief Prof. Weng and Prof. Lichti of the ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. ISPRS P&RS is the official journal of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, and a platform to publish excellent papers in photogrammetry, remote sensing, spatial information systems, computer vision and other related fields. In recent years, the Journal has become a top journal as measured by its high impact factor.

February 2016: Prof. Yuhong He was offered a full member of the Graduate Faculty in the School of Environment at the University of Toronto.

December 2015: End of Year Group Meeting and Luncheon, Merry Christmas!

October 2015: Our CFI/ORF funded UAV-Hyperspectral sensor integration is complete and the very first hyperspectral image acquisition with a fixed wing UAV is successful, thanks to the lightweight hyperspectral imager from Headwall Photonics, Inc (

September 2015: Our dedicated outreach team consisting of the senior undergraduate student (Justin), graduate student (Cameron), staff (Phil) and faculty (Yuhong and Amy) visited a local school in Mississauga (Kendellhurst Academy, Streetsville) and worked with students from grade 3 to grade 7 to enhance their geographical understanding of the world, and educate them with hands-on geoscience technology. This was possible thanks to Professor Yuhong He’s recent Early Researcher Award.

July 2015: Cameron Proctor is awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship for the year of 2015-2016 at the University of Toronto after a 3-year (2012-2014) Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarships-Doctoral (CGS D).

July 2015: Amy Mui successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis in July 2015, Congratulations, Dr. Amy Mui!!!

July 2015: Prof. Youfei Zheng, Dean of NUIST Reading Academy visited our lab in the week of July 27th, 2015.

July 2014- June 2015:

May 2015: Prof. Yuhong He received an Early Researcher Award to support a 5-year (from 2015-2020) project aiming to develop a long-term, unmanned aerial vehicle-based monitoring system to track the ash-borer invasion that might also be applicable to other invasive species management initiatives.

May 2015: Justin Murfitt won a CRSS-SCT Travel grant of $1000 for supporting his travel to present the results on our EAB project in the 36th Canadian Remote Sensing Symposium in St-John’s NL. The title of Justin's presentation is Ash Decline Assessment in Emerald Ash Borer Infested Forests using High Spatial Remote Sensing Technologies.

May 2015: Amy Mui was a recipient for the “NASA-MSU Professional Enhancement Awards,” which are supported by NASA and Michigan State University to assist some outstanding students in attending the IALE World Congress on Landscape Ecology, in Portland, Oregon, from July 5-10, 2015.

April 2015: Justin Murfitt won a full-time summer research intern position with the Centre for Global Change Science at the University of Toronto under Dr. Laura Brown and Dr. Yuhong He's supervision (May-August, 2015).

April 2015: Siddharth Mishra won a full-time summer research intern position with the Centre for Global Change Science at the University of Toronto under Dr. Yuhong He's supervision (May-August, 2015).

March 2015: Prof. Yuhong He was awarded the NSERC Early Career Researcher Supplement for the years of 2014 and 2015.

September 2014: Alexander Tong successfully defended his MSc thesis.

May 2015: 2015 Summer fieldwork training day for undergrad research assistants.

Left to right: Greg Ramospitta (ROP and Science without Border Student), Harnit Dhesi (ROP), Justyna Strzelczyk (ROP), Siddharth Mishra (CGCS Intern), Justin Murfitt (CGCS Intern), Max Sierra (ROP), Steven Pham (ROP)

Before July 2014:

June 2014: Amy Mui's presentation "Seasonal changes in core wetland connectivity for a threatened freshwater turtle in southern Ontario" was awarded the Best Student Presentation at the 2014 International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE) conference in Alaska.

May 2014: 2014 Group fieldwork training day for undergrad research assistants.
Left to right: Grace Bhinder (ROP), Sajaan Sehgal (ROP), Di Hou (ROP), Bing Lu(PhD), Joel Jeyarajah  (ROP), Justin Murfitt (Departmental USRA), Alex Tong (Msc)