Research Team

Mitchell Bonney (PhD Candidate, Changes in forest health across an urban-natural transition using multiple scales of analysis

Phuong Duc Dao (PhD Student, Remote Sensing of Grassland Drought
Darius Wrathall (MSc Student, Machine Learning and Remote Sensing

Alexander Axiotis (MSc Student, Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Forest Insect Infestation



Cameron Proctor (PhD,, defended successfully in July 2017): Wetland Ecosystem, CH4 flux, Spatial Explicit Biogeochemical-hydrological Modelling.
Now  a Limited Term Lecturer in Geography at UTM

Bing Lu (PhD,, defended successfully in August 2017): Grassland Remote Sensing.
Now a Senior Remote Sensing Scientist in Fiera Biological Consulting Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta

Jian Yang (PhD ,, defended successfully in August 2017): Tree Species Classification Using Multi-source Remote  Sensing Data
Now a Geospatial Consultant at 4DM Inc., Toronto, Canada

Courtney Soden (Msc,, graduated in 2016): Wetland Greenhouse Gas Exchange, Restoration, Temporal and Spatial variations. Now  a Technical Officer-Environment at Bruce Power, Toronto, Canada. 

Amy Mui (PhD,, defended successfully in July 2015,: Remote Sensing, GIS, Habitat Modeling, Wildlife Conservation
Now an Instructor in Environmental Science Program at Dalhousie University ( 

Assunta Saliola (MSc,, graduated in 2014): Lidar, High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing, Forest Mapping
Now an Education and Research Analyst at Esri Canada, Toronto, Canada.

Kelly Wong (MSc,, graduated in 2012): Remote Sensing, Vegetation temporal and spatial variations
NOW a Business Development and Project Manager at Kampery Development LtdHongkong.

Alexander Tong (MSc,, defended successfully in September 2014): Hyperspectral Remote Sensing, GIS, Grassland Chlorophyll
Now a Geospatial Consultant in Evolutionary Ecology Lab at UTM. 

Justin Murffit (Undergrad Research Assistant, Remote Sensing, EAB Infestation, Forest Health
Now a PhD student in Geography at U of Waterloo.