Research Team

Mitchell Bonney (Ph.D. Candidate,
Research Topic: Understanding long-term forest change across an urban-rural landscape with multi-source remote sensing, field and historical data

Phuong Duc Dao (Ph.D. Candidate,
Research topic: Pigment Dynamics and Light Use Efficiency in Grasses under Drought Stress Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Radiative Transfer Modelling
Hwang Lee (PhD Student,
Research Topic: Precision Agriculture, Hyperspectral Remote Sensing, and Machine learning

Leah Marajh (Ph.D. Candidate,
Research Topic: Understanding the Impacts of Physical Environmental Change on Climate and Livelihoods in the Greater Angkor Region of Cambodia

Alexander Axiotis (MSc Student,
Research Topic: Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Forest Insect Infestation



Cameron Proctor (Ph.D.,, defended successfully in July 2017): Wetland Ecosystem, CH4 flux, Spatial Explicit Biogeochemical-hydrological Modelling.
Now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Winsor (

Bing Lu (Ph.D.,, defended successfully in August 2017): Grassland Remote Sensing.
Now an Assistant Professor position in the Department of Geography, Faculty of Environment at the Simon Fraser University (

Jian Yang (Ph.D.,, defended successfully in August 2017): Tree Species Classification Using Multi-source Remote  Sensing Data
Now a Geospatial Consultant at 4DM Inc., Toronto, Canada

Courtney Soden (Msc,, graduated in 2016): Wetland Greenhouse Gas Exchange, Restoration, Temporal and Spatial variations. 
Now a Technical Officer-Environment at Bruce Power, Toronto, Canada. 

Amy Mui (Ph.D.,, defended successfully in July 2015): Remote Sensing, GIS, Habitat Modeling, Wildlife Conservation
Now an Instructor in Environmental Science Program at Dalhousie University ( 

Assunta Saliola (MSc,, graduated in 2014): Lidar, High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing, Forest Mapping
Now an Education and Research Analyst at Esri Canada, Toronto, Canada.

Kelly Wong (MSc,, graduated in 2012): Remote Sensing, Vegetation temporal and spatial variations
NOW a Business Development and Project Manager at Kampery Development LtdHongkong.

Alexander Tong (MSc,, defended successfully in September 2014): Hyperspectral Remote Sensing, GIS, Grassland Chlorophyll
Now a GIS Analyst in Clark County at Las Vegas, Nevada Area. 

Justin Murffit (Undergrad Research Assistant, Remote Sensing, EAB Infestation, Forest Health
Now a Ph.D. student in Geography at U of Waterloo.