I know that all of the expectations, guidelines, and advice in this site might seem daunting! But I'd like to preface the advice in the three parts of this section with these two observations.

  1. The ability to write well is a super power. Seriously. It's worth it.
  2. Although writing is always hard, it can put you in a "flow" state as well as any other activity I can think of. And in this era of distraction, opportunities to be immersed are few and far between.

Reading through this site, you may think, "There's so much to remember!"

Please don't think of it that way: try to internalize as much as you can, and then JUST WRITE. But then, make sure to build in revision sessions when you will go back and forth between what you've written and relevant sections of this site.

Writing is a process. Learning to write well is a process.

And the two processes are one and the same.