Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, and Post-Docs

Current graduate students

1. Rachele Bianchi (PhD admitted Fall 2018, co-supervised with Dr. Heather Miller)

         Doctoral Project: Bronze technology and cultural interaction between Central Asia and China during the Late Neolithic and Bronze Age

2. Anne-Julie Robitaille (MSc admitted Fall 2021)

3. William Boily (MSc admitted Fall 2022)

Past graduate students

1. Tiziana Gallo (PhD 2016-2021. Post-doc at the Royal Ontario Museum since January 2022)

          Dissertation: Vibrant Stone: Ground Stone Celt Biographies Among the Ancestral and Historic Wendat in Southern Ontario from the 14th to mid-17th Centuries.

2. William Harrison (MSc. 2018-2020, co-advised with Dr. Gary Crawford)

         Master’s Research Project: Shang Authority and The Making Of Ancestors: An Analysis of Utilitarian Mortuary Ceramics at Daxinzhuang, Jinan

Previous and current student Research Assistants

  1. Jamie Tsui (Work-Study 2018-2019)
  2. Chun Fu Liu (Scholar-in-Resident 2018 program; Work-Study 2018-2020)
  3. Casey Lun (Scholar-in-Resident 2018 program; Work-Study 2018-2019)
  4. Judy Perpose (Scholar-in-Resident 2018 program; WSU Fall 2018)
  5. Zahid Daudjee (Scholar-in-Resident 2018 program; Work-Study 2018-2020)
  6. Deepika Elango (Scholar-in-Resident 2018 program)
  7. Tiziana Gallo (Work-Study 2018-2020)
  8. Duo Wang (Research Assistant since 2017)
  9. Sofia Flores-Ledesma (Scholar-in-Resident 2021 program; Work-Study summer 2021)
  10. Elijah Bailey-Summers (Scholar-in-Resident 2021 program; Work-Study 2021-2022)
  11. Sijie Dong (Scholar-in-Resident 2021 program; Work-Study 2021-2022)
  12. Louis Alteen (Scholar-in-Resident 2021 program)
  13. Phoebe Liu (Scholar-in-Resident 2021 program)


Prospective graduate students, post-docs, and visiting scholars

I encourage students who are interested in the following subjects or general Chinese archaeology to apply for the graduate program in the Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto. I am also looking forward to working with postdocs and visiting scholars who share research interests with me.

  1. Regional trajectories of urbanism and socio-economic complexity in prehistoric China
  2. Cultural transmission and technological traditions in preindustrial societies
  3. Architecture energetics
  4. Prehistoric bone and stone tools
  5. Prehistoric technological choices

Please contact me if you are interested.