Cost of Information

The research process requires:

  • researchers who have been trained in research methods and who are able to apply their expert knowledge and experiences,
  • technologies (computers, software, labs, machines),
  • primary and secondary sources and data (university libraries),
  • organizations (universities, funding bodies, ethics communities, local communities),
  • financial resources, and so forth.

Some might wonder whether "open access" could provide a sustainable publication model when all research has a cost. Others may ponder who would be responsible for making publication open access.

Many were wondering why scholarly journal articles are very expensive when editors for the peer-review process are not often paid and when libraries continuously pay subscription fees.

If you are wondering about this question, the following video, Paywall: The Business of Scholarship, could interest you.

Let's think about the aforementioned questions together from various angles through different events, such as Open Access Week.

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