The BIG Lab provides a range of opportunities for research training at the undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral levels. Please see below for information regarding research training opportunities that may interest you.

Undergraduate Students

The BIG Lab provides a number of research training opportunities to undergraduate students at the University of Toronto Mississauga. Typically, students will be enrolled in Psychology. Undergraduate students who are considering a post-graduate degree following their undergraduate program are highly encouraged to seek out research training opportunities beginning in their second year of undergraduate study or early in their third year. Training opportunities include the: Research Opportunity Program (ROP), Independent Research Project (IRP), Work Study Program, and Honour’s Thesis.

Undergraduate students interested in joining the BIG Lab, please complete the application form and email your application materials to Dr. VanderLaan at doug.vanderlaan@utoronto.ca.

Graduate Students

The BIG Lab is currently considering applications for two graduate student positions. These positions will begin Fall 2017. One student will conduct research related to children’s concepts of gender, and the other will conduct neuroimaging research on gender dysphoria and transgenderism. Those interested are encouraged to email Dr. VanderLaan directly at doug.vanderlaan@utoronto.ca. Please also consult the University of Toronto Psychology website for application due dates.

Prospective Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. VanderLaan welcomes inquiries about possible postdoctoral positions in the BIG Lab. As the BIG Lab is not currently funded to support salary for postdoctoral fellows, stipends will need to be covered by external awards received by the fellow. Please feel free to contact Dr. VanderLaan at doug.vanderlaan@utoronto.ca for further information.