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Three Reasons Why You Should Do An Internship

By Lucas Braszak

After spending an entire school year working at Heritage Mississauga, the experience has opened my eyes in regards to the possibilities that studying history could bring, and the opportunity to do an internship has brought countless lessons and growing experiences that are invaluable. Here are some reasons why every student should try to undertake an internship- especially if you are a History student.

How to Work with others

Working with others can be a tedious and often unrewarding assignment; however that is only half of the equation. The other half revolves around you because the attitude that others have towards you can be influenced by the way you treat them. During my internship in the Mississauga Sports Council the basis of my work revolves around the cooperation and goodwill of the martial arts schools that I visit. Without their input my project would never get off the ground. I like to believe that part of the reason for this is how I approach my interactions with the owners and managers. In this blog I will discuss several key things that you must remember to do in order to establish a good working relationship with others.

The Evolving Nature of an Internship Project: How my Approach has Changed

by Bhavpreet Saini

Welcome back to the third installment of my blog! It’s been a ride so far, and I’m definitely excited to touch base with you and discuss the progress since the last time we met. I must warn you though, things have changed.  I will continue to work on the timeline and fulfill the commitment set out in the internship agreement, but the approach being taken now is drastically different, at least in my opinion.

Putting the "Story" in History: How a history student benefits from a literary agency internship

Open book with a story popping out

Posted by Selina Azizi on January 23rd, 2017
When I first began my internship at a literary agency, I strongly believed it would help me should I ever seek a career in the publishing field. Never would I have guessed how much it would help me as a history student. Here’s why a literary agency internship is beneficial to any budding historian!