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The Woes and Pleasures of a ROM Intern: Time Management, Introverted Dispositions and Artifacts

By Ronella Ferreros

All-nighters, skipping meals, buckling down and asking no questions – those habits are all well and fine for a university student, but for a university student intern? I'm glad there was a silver lining to all of this, or else I would've wondered whether the internship was a mistake.

A Few Tips on Salvaging a Project

By Lucas Braszak

Undergoing a project for your internship can be a very tumultuous experience. Not only do you meet new people and discover fascinating information along the way, the prospect of ending up with an amazing outcome to the project is exciting in itself. However, there may be some bumps along the way that may frustrate you, or have you believe that the project is a dead-end. Here, you will find some ideas that can help overcome these trials and salvage your research.