Current Research

Achieving Legal Targets for the Plastic Crisis: Assessing Industry Norms and Expectations to Improve Legislative Outcomes

This research project is funded by SSHRC and seeks to address the anticipated challenges for regulatory approaches to shift and sustain new normative behaviours toward plastic within industry in the context of an international treaty on plastic  I am most interested in designing and implementing legislation and regulation that successfully shifts industry norms of behaviour.  This will not only be useful to regulators by reducing practical difficulties and costs of enforcement but may also be pivotal in determining the overall success of the proposed international treaty to combat the plastic crisis.

Aviation and Climate Change 

This research agenda considers the contribution that the aviation industry is making to climate change. While aviation is a growing industry, thus far there are no concrete plans to mitigate its emissions (especially at an international level).  I am most interested in investigating ways that law and policy can reduce emissions from aviation, and the impact on tourism and the economy.  I have published articles on this topic as it relates to tourism and the impacts on small island developing states and am currently working on an article  on how Canada’s federal government could move forward targeting domestic emissions from aviation.

Related Publications

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Other Selected Publications (* indicates student)

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