Research Team

I welcome graduate students interested in undertaking research related to environmental law and policy as well as sustainability management. I am particularly interested in working with students who would like to research connections between corporate norms and legal instrument choice, and the social, policy, and legal dimensions of climate change.  I also am happy to supervise students that are looking to do sustainable tourism research. 

Please contact me if you are interested in exploring research possibilities with me at UTM.

Current Geography Graduate Students

Jae Page (PhD) - "Lingering Legacy: Perpetual Interment Rights and the Challenges and Opportunities of Legislative Reform in Canada"

Lindsay Lucato (MA) - "Towards Greater Corporate Sustainability Distinction, Collaboration & Transferability: A Look to Canada's Financial Institutions & Lessons to be Learned"

Current MScSM Major Research Paper Students

Clara Carriere (2018) - "Comparative Analysis of Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism"

Kelsey Koebel (2018) - "The State of Sustainability in the Canadian Travel and Tourism Industry"

Brendan McGovern (2018) - "Innovative Financing Mechanisms to Accelerate Energy Efficiency Retrofits in the City of Toronto"

Joni Su (2018)  - "Evaluating destination competitiveness and sustainable tourism for Nunavut and the Canadian Arctic in China"



Past Graduate Students

Lijing Black (2017)
Andrew Oraweic (2017) – “Sustainable Cruise Tourism Development in Nunavut: Community Perspectives on the Visit of the Crystal Serenity 2016”
Conner Tidd (2017) – “Agricultural Industry’s Efforts to Engage Stakeholders around Evidence Based Policy Making Governing Biotechnology and Chemical Inputs: Lessons from Neonicotinoids in Ontario” 
Izak Weinstein (2016) – “The Scope and Strategy of Ecolabeling in the Outdoor Apparel Industry”