Lab News & Photos

2023 April - Sheraz and Ho Sung received the 2023 University of Toronto Excellence Award, one of the most prestigious University awards. Congratulations!

2023 March - Andy will join the CSB graduate program and start his new chapter in the Rhee Lab. Welcome again to the Rhee Lab!

2023 March - Zeynab received the 5-year UTM International Scholarship and will join the CSB Ph.D. program. Congratulations!

2023 March - Ho Sung gave a presentation at the Keystone Symposia- Epigenetics, Chromatin, Development and Disease in Victoria, BC.

2023 March - Ssu-Yu has been awarded the Helmsley Scholarship from the Helmsley Charitable Trust. Congratulations!

2023 March - Rhee Lab invited Dr. Julia Zeitlinger (Stowers Institute of Medical Research) to the UTM Biology Seminar Series

2023 March - Kaitlin gave a research seminar at the Toronto TranCE -Transcription, Chromatin, Epigenetics Community.

2023 March - Sheraz accepted the CSB graduate program offer. Welcome to the Rhee Lab!

2023 January - Ssu-Yu's paper was published in Methods Molecular Biology. Congratulations!

2023 January - Lab alumni, Ravneet and Ebrahim, visited our lab and went out for lunch with the Rhee Lab.

2022 December - Rhee Lab had the Korean Style Holiday Luncheon. Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023!

2022 December - Alyssa successfully passed her Ph.D. Qualifying Exam, becoming a Ph.D. candidate. Congratulations!

2022 December - Kaitlin was selected for a short talk and gave an oral presentation at the 43rd International Asilomar Chromatin Conference.

2022 October - Ho Sung gave an invited lecture in the Department of Life Sciences at Sogang University.

2022 October - Kaitlin and Ssu-Yu received the 2022 Best Research Travel Awards (given only to the top 5%) from the CEEHRC. Congratulations!

2022 October - Rhee Lab invited Dr. Francois Robert (IRCM) to the UTM Biology Seminar Series.

2022 October - Rhee Lab attended the 8th Canadian Epigenetics Conference in Esterel, Quebec.

2022 September - Happy Birthday, Andy! Thanks, Alyssa, for Krispy Kreme!

2022 September - Kaitlin, Ssu-Yu, and Alyssa presented their research on the Annual CBS Research Day in Old Mill Toronto.

2022 September - Our lab alumni, Ravneet and Ebrahim, visited the lab.

2022 September - Mariam joined our lab. Welcome to the Rhee Lab!

2022 August - Ho Sung gave an invited lecture in the Department of Biological Sciences at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

2022 August - Ssu-Yu has successfully passed her Ph.D. Qualifying Exam. Congratulations!

2022 August - Kaitlin and Ssu-Yu received the Travel Awards from the International Human Epigenome Consortium (IHEC) Annual Meeting. Congratulations!

2022 August - Happy birthday, Kaitlin!

2022 July - Ho Sung received the 5-year Project Grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)Congratulations!

2022 July - Happy day of birth, Ssu-Yu!

2022 June - Megan began her new position at the University of Montreal. Good luck with her new career.

2022 May - Alyssa received the Best Poster Award at the CSDB Annual Retreat. Congratulations!

2022 May - Ho Sung gave an invited talk on the genomic mechanism of neuronal gene expression at the CSDB Annual Retreat.

2022 May - Rhee lab went to Niagara Falls and had a fun time in Hornblower and Bumper cars.

2022 May - Andy received the NSERC USRA award. Congratulations!

2022 May - Guoria joined our lab. Welcome!

2022 April - Our intergenic length manuscript was accepted in Nature Communications. Congratulations, Ravneet and Ssu-Yu!

2022 March - The high-resolution mapping method paper was accepted in Methods Molecular Biology. Congratulations, Ssu-Yu!

2022 February - Kaitlin and Ssu-Yu presented their project in the Neuro Talk Seminar Series.

2022 February - Ho Sung was selected as a member of the CIHR Project Grant Review Panel.

2021 December - Ho Sung gave a talk at the 42nd Asilomar Chromatin, Chromosomes, and Epigenetics Conference.

2021 October - Happy day, Alyssa comes out to the earth!

2021 September - Alyssa joined the CSB MSc Program. Welcome!

2021 August - Ho Sung became a Review Editor in Genome Organization and Dynamics in Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences.

2021 August - Happy Birthday, Kaitlin!

2021 January - Ssu-Yu joined the CSB Ph.D. Program. Welcome!

2020 October - Zobia successfully defended her MSc thesis. Congratulations! Good luck with her new career in New York City, the United States!

2020 August - Kaitlin’s ChIP-exo method paper was published in the Journal of Visualized Experiments. Congratulations!

2020 July - Our method review paper was published in Epigenetics Methods. Congratulations!

2020 February - Ho Sung gave an invited lecture in the Department of Cell & Molecular Biology at the University of Ottawa.

 Rhee Lab in the Canadian Epigenetics Meeting, Quebec                      2022 Rhee Lab Holiday Luncheon

 Poster Presentation in Old Mill Toronto                                              2022 Annuarl CSB Research Day

 Rhee Lab in Niagra Falls in 2022                                                       Farewell party for Kavindu and Ravneet

 Lunch in the Thanksgiving break                                                      Sushi buffet in Mississauga in the Summer

 Dr. Chalfie, Nobel laureate, visits the Rhee lab in 2019                        Lab lunch in Meadowvale in October

 Korean BBQ day in Miga                                                                  Lab lunch in City Centre in 2018


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