Non-peer-reviewed Publications

Non Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Desrochers, P., & Szurmak, J. (2021). “Opinion: Food ‘self-sufficiency’ is a recipe for disaster.” Financial Post (August 18).

Desrochers, P., & Szurmak, J. (2021). “Opinion: Don’t ban plastics. They help green the Earth.” Financial Post (June 30) (More detailed original version available at Fraser Institute).

Szurmak, J. (2021). Accentuating the Negative: Why Eco-pessimism Has Become Elite Religion. Breakthrough Journal 13 (Winter 2021).

Desrochers, P., & Szurmak, J. (2020). “Seven Billion Solutions Strong: Why Markets, Growth, and Innovation Are the Antidote to Eco-Pessimism.” Breakthrough Journal (Vol. 12, Winter 2020). Retrieved from 

Desrochers, P., & Szurmak, J. (2019). “The Long History of Eco-Pessimism.” Spiked! (October 25).  (reposted on several websites; translated and posted on a Swedish website)

Szurmak, J., & Desrochers, P. (2019). “Eco-Pessimism versus Techno-Optimism.” Areo (August 6). 

Desrochers, P., & Szurmak, J. (2019).“Population Density and Resource Abundance: Turning the Malthusian Logic on its Head.” New Geography (July 10).

Desrochers, P., & Szurmak, J. (2019).“The More the Green Crusade Changes, the More It Remains the Same.” New Geography (May 15). 

Szurmak, J. (2019). The science loop: How cognitive biases contribute to the intellectual entrenchment at the root of junk scienceThe Financial Post (June 20).

Szurmak, J., & Desrochers, P. (2018). The one-sided worldview of eco-pessimistsQuillette (3 December, 2018). This was a response to Dr. Christian Berggren's Quillette review of the Roslings' book Factfulness.

Desrochers, P., & Szurmak, J. (2018). Population bombed! Exploding the link between overpopulation and climate change. London, UK: Global Warming Policy Foundation. (258 pp.).

Szurmak, J. (forthcoming). Premises of science fiction: Neo-Malthusian and resourceship perspectives. In M. M. Wooster & S. T. Karnick (Eds.), A science fiction writer’s guide to science. Chicago, Il: The Heartland Institute.

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