Podcasts / Interviews

Podcast I Produce

Bright Lights, Big Sauga (1/2017-9/2018)
Developed the concept for, researched and produced episodes for this UTM outreach podcast written by Dr. Claire Carver-Dias. Episodes are available on iTunes or SoundCloud.

Episodes where I was a Guest

The Curious Task (Institute for Liberal Studies podcast)

Episode 5: Pierre Desrochers & Joanna Szurmak — Is Overpopulation Hurting the Planet? (September 4, 2019) (with Pierre Desrochers)

Counterpoint (Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC))

Episode commenting on a co-authored Spiked! publication (November 25, 2019) https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/counterpoint/25-11/11728264

Economics Detective Radio with Garrett Malcolm Petersen

The Second Ehrlich-Simon Wager with Joanna Szurmak” at http://economicsdetective.com/2016/11/second-ehrlich-simon-wager-joanna-szurmak/


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