My ultimate goal as an educator is to create a student-centered and inclusive environment that emphasizes problem solving and critical thinking to prepare students for specialized careers that demand these skills. My courses integrate group discussions and reflective exercises into traditional lectures and prioritize inquiry-based assignments that encourage students to identify and address their own questions.


1. Microbiology (BIO370)

This undergraduate course aims to provide a broad introduction to the unseen world of microbiology. The lecture covers a wide range of topics including the classification, morphology, physiology, evolution, and genetics of viruses and prokaryotic organisms, along with their environmental, medical, and industrial impacts. The laboratory provides hands-on experience in the latest microbiological techniques used in research and medicine. I have been teaching this course on a yearly basis since 2021.


2. Fundamentals of Genomic Data Science (TBD)

This graduate module serves as an introduction to genomic data science for students who do not have a background in computer science. The course takes advantage of online resources for background material, while spending class time analyzing real data sets. Students learn to access genomic databases, become familiar with genomic file formats, and perform a wide range of genomic analyses including assembly, alignment, variant calling, and RNA-Seq. Students who complete this course have the foundation to approach data analysis in a more efficient manner, enabling them to tackle more questions in less time. I expect to offer this course in the Summer of 2023.