IIIF 2016 New York

An early build of the "Book of Fame" (formerly "Tabula Famae") prototype book viewer was informally demoed for the Manuscripts Working Group at the IIIF: Access to the World's Images conference in New York in May 2016. The following demo reel demonstrates the ability to bring IIIF manuscripts into the Unity environment and present them in the form of a 3D book, turn pages by clicking and dragging, create new annotations, and reveal a plain-text transcription of the manuscript using a magnifying glass.


Programmed in Unity by Chris Chianelli.
Book model created by Jaron Evans.

Binding is based on MS Wellington Bible Society from the Alexander Turnbull Library.
IIIF-served manuscript is the "Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale" from Bodmer 48, hosted by e-Codices.org.