Feminist Lunch Hour

Through the Feminist Lunch Hour series we aim to create a community of feminist learners at UTM.

Each Feminist Lunch Hour runs from 12 pm - 1:30 pm in Davis 3130.

2015-16 series theme is Gendering of Violence.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

The Global Experience is an opportunity that gives students a chance to learn more about, and to understand how the local issues within the Region of Peel relate to the larger global issues in the World. UTM's Global Experience program is a co-curricular activity abroad which involves community partners working directly with students on projects of interest to the community; the program is designed to enhance students' experiences with community engagement, leadership, social change and community development. 

Nicole is involved with the Global Experience: Guatemala which goes to Guatemala for a week every May. The trip is called ‘Brewing Justice’ as it focuses on the political, economic, social, and environmental impacts of the international coffee trade from the perspective of local producers. For more information, go to: