Welcome to the Biopsychosocial Investigations of Gender Laboratory (BIG Lab)


The BIG Lab enhances our understanding of gender expression and related psychological traits through a comprehensive approach. Our research cuts across the many sub-fields in psychology, including developmental, social, cultural, cognitive, biological, and clinical psychology as well as neuroscience. We employ a variety of methodologies such as cross-cultural field studies, lab-based experimental and observational studies, questionnaires and surveys, and neuroimaging.

This site provides information about BIG Lab members, previous publications and ongoing research, opportunities for future students and trainees, and news related to the lab. Also, we are excited to announce the publication of an edited volume exploring theory and research in the field of gender and sexuality development!

Visit the publisher's website to order your copy or share with your institutional librarian 



If you would like to get in touch with us to hear more about our research, please email us at biglab.utm@gmail.com

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BIG Lab:

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