Team Members

Post Doctoral Researcher:

Dr Alex Cabaj 

Current Students:

Alexis Robinson, PhD Candidate

Research/Interest Statement: Applications of remote sensing and spatial analysis for research on climate change impacts to the cryosphere in Northern regions, specifically in Canada's Northern Regions with regards to climate and hydrology.  Past Research: Spatial and temporal modeling of high arctic streamflow using spatial analyses remotely sensed data and physically distributed modelling.


Noah Bacal, MSc Thesis: Title TBA

My research interests include looking at how snow cover impacts seasonal lake ice thickness in southern Ontario and Manitoba. By combining data from in-situ measurements with that of an airborne SAR sensor, I hope to develop a relationship between lake ice thickness and radar backscatter that may be used for larger-scale observations of temperate region lake ice

Xiaomeng Zuo

Harriett Easterbrook , MSc Student (Thesis: TBA)

Lisa Marno, MSc: TBA 

Ernest Groh, Research Assistant: Central Ontario Lake Ice

Nikki Wong, BSc Thesis: Arctic Lake Ice (working title)

Elizabeth Xu, ROP: Central Ontario Lake Ice


Former Team Members:

Graduate Research Projects:

Laura Alvarez Salinas, 2023 MSc Thesis: Investigating Climate Characteristics And Their Influence On Heat Flow Through Temperate Region Lake Ice

Andrew Forbes, 2023 MSc Thesis: Canadian Bathymetric Gap Analysis and the Comparison of Barometric Enhanced Predicted Tides to Ellipsoid Referenced Hydrographic Surveys

Brianna Lane, 2023 MSc Thesis: Lake ice and snow in the Canadian High Arctic: in situ monitoring using ground based techniques

Daniel Serrano Cadena, 2022 MSc Thesis: Lake Ice in a Rainfall Dominated Southern and Central Ontario

Xiaomeng Zuo, 2022 MSc Thesis: The Relationship between Large-Scale Atmospheric Oscillations and Cyclone Patterns, and Their Impacts on Summer Precipitation Distribution in the Canadian Arctic

Eisha Mirza, 2021 MSc Thesis: Investigating the Effects of Near-Streamflow Regions on Temperate Region Lake Ice

Alicia Dauginis, 2020 MSc Thesis: An Investigation of Snow and Ice Phenology in the Arctic from 1997 – 2019

Justin Murfitt (@Murf_Research), 2018 MSc Thesis: Monitoring Ice Phenology and Characteristics in Mid-latitudes using RADARSAT-2

Sarah Ariano, 2017 MSc Thesis: An Investigation Temperate Region Lake Ice in Central Ontario


Undergraduate Research Projects:

Anne Yolland, 2022 - 2023, Research Assistant, ROP: Central Ontario Lake Ice

Muhammad Yar, 2022 - 2023, Research Assistant, ROP: Central Ontario Lake Ice

Xinning Zhang, 2022-2023, BSc Thesis: Determining Ahigh Arctic Lake Depths Using Remote Sensing

Navkaran Kumar, 2019 - 2020, BSc Thesis: Changing lake ice conditions in central Ontario

Noah Bacal, 2019 - 2020, Research Assistant: Haliburton Project

Navkaran Kumar, 2019 - 2020, Research Assistant: Historical Haliburton Lake Ice

Samantha Au-Yeung, 2019 - 2020, Research Intern: Canadian Lake Ice

Daniel Serrano Cadena, 2018 - 2019, BSc Thesis: Quantifying lake ice coverage from digital imagery

Justine Pulzanen, 2018 - 2019, Research Assistant - ROP: Exploring Lake Ice Modelling for Lake Hazen, Ellesemere Island

William Sturch, 2018 - 2019, Research Assistant: Haliburton Project

Alicia Dauginis, 2017 - 2018, BSc Thesis: Sea ice, snow cover, and snow melt conditions between 2000 - 2017 on Bathurst Island, Nunavut, Canada.

Teeba Al-Khishman, 2017 - 2018, BSc Thesis: Investigating the temporal and spatial variability of snow-cover on Bathurst Island, Nunavut, Canada, using Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS): 2003-2017

Amna Askri, 2016 - 2017, BSc Thesis: Past & Future Modelling of Central Ontario Lake Ice in Relation to Changing Climate from 1900-2100

Evan Thompson, 2016 - 2017, Research Assistant: Haliburton Project

Justin Murfitt, 2015 - 2016, BSc Thesis: Using Remote Sensing Data to Assess Trends in Lake Ice within Ontario and Manitoba between 2001-2014

Sean Yokoyama, 2015-2016 Research Assistant: Haliburton Project

Amna Askri, 2016 Research Assistant - ROP:  Assessment of lake ice formation and decay from digital imagery

Dingyi (Alvin) Xiong, 2015 GGR399: Spatial And Temporal Analysis Of Lake Ice In The Northern Hemisphere

Urwa Sajjid, 2015 GGR399: Climate – Ice interactions for Ontario Lakes