Professor Danton H. O'Day's Research

Research by Professor Danton H. O'Day’s group focuses on the roles of calmodulin (CaM) and its binding proteins (CaMBPs) in Alzheimer's disease  and basic cell function. Most of this work has involved the model eukaryotic microbe Dictyostelium discoideum but ideas generated from that research have more recently been applied to Alzheimer’s Disease and other neurodegenerative diseases. As an instructor, Professor O’Day was consistently ranked as excellent by his students. His dedication to teaching was reflected in his best-selling book, “How to Succeed at University”, several educational games, dozens of articles on the use of animations in teaching and the first completely interactive teaching website at UTM. Since becoming Professor Emeritus, he has produced books, blogs and animations on the first artists of Edward FitzGerald’s Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. He continues to write music and submit animations to YouTube. The current and early work done in his lab are detailed in various sections of this website and on Professor O’Day’s C.V.

Alzheimer’s and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases

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Dictyostelium Research

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Artists of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

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Danton H. O’Day, 2017. The Golden Age of Rubáiyát Art, 1884-1913. Volume II. Popular Themes, Emeritus Books
Danton H. O’Day, 2017. The Golden Age of Rubáiyát Art, 1884-1913. Volume I. The Decorators, Emeritus Books

New DNA Game

Mutation, A DNA Dice Game, 2019; New educational Game; Danton H. O’Day, Inventor, Carolina Biological Supply Company.

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