Calmodulin Binding Proteins: Dictyostelium

Calmodulin Binding Proteins of Dictyostelium

Calmodulin is the primary calcium binding protein of all eukaryotic cells. It is a small highly conserved protein that undergoes conformational changes in response to changing levels of calcium ions. It can bind to proteins when it is calcium-free (Apo-CaM) or when it is bound to calcium (Ca-CaM). The calmodulin binding proteins (CaMBPs) that bind to it in these configurations are respectively calcium-independent CaMBPs or calcium-dependent CaMBPs. The O’Day lab is the primary lab internationally that has studied the importance of CaM and its CaMBPs in the social amoebozoan Dictyostelium discoideum. Clicking the links on the sidepanel will lead readers to the various research areas carried our in the lab on this topics.

Danton H. O'Day 2020(c); revised January 4, 2020