July 2016 - June 2017

JULY 2016 - JUNE 2017

June 2017
Congratulations to Bing Lu, who is one of the recipients of the Canadian Remote Sensing Society – Société Canadienne de Télédétection (CRSS-SCT, https://crss-sct.ca/) travel grant to attend the Earth Observation Summit 2017 (https://crss-sct.ca/conferences/csrs2017/). 

June 2017
The grade 7 class of Ms. Stacey English from St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Elementary School in Mississauga was invited to take part in a youth outreach program led by RA Darius Wrathall,  field Tech Phil Rudz, Dr. Amy Mui, Ph.D. Bing Lu, and Dr. Yuhong He in the Department of Geography at the University of Toronto Mississauga on Tuesday, June 6th, 2017. Students enjoyed learning about physical geography, geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing science through engagement in different activities throughout the day. 

June 2017
Phuong successfully sets up his rain shelter system in the field and lab to study drought stress on plants using remote sensing, thanks to our RAs and field tech Phil!

May 2017
Group workshop day and field training day. Welcome Dukinna, Kevin, Guillaume, Yang, Joshua and Darius who joined us as ROP, Work-Study, and/or Research Assistant this summer. 

March 2017
Congratulations to our MSc Susie (Assunta) Saliola who started her work as an Education and Research Analyst at ESRI Canada. 

February 2017
Congratulations to Alexander Tong for being offered a geospatial/geoscience position in NETL (National Energy Technology Laboratory) in Albany, Oregon.  

January 2017
Congratulations to Courtney Soden for being offered a soil chemistry technician position in Agriculture and Agri-food Canada. 

October 2016
Congratulations to Courtney Soden for successfully defending her MSc thesis! Welcome, Phuong Duc Dao (Ph.D. student) and Xiangkun Qi (Visiting PostDoc) join the lab.

July 2016
We presented an outreach activity to the students in the leadership camp held at UTM on July 8, 2016. The departmental laboratory technician Phil Rudz, undergraduate research assistant Maria Povarova, graduate research assistant Courtney Soden and Prof. He delivered the program which took about one and a half hours. The program started with a science-focused presentation on geography, invasive species, and remote sensing, followed by a jeopardy style game, and a big research UAV and a small drone demo. Thanks to the leadership camp coordinator/leader Sarah Ariano (our very own Geography Graduate student).

July 2016
Yuhong He 
was one of the three PIs who was invited to give a talk in the “Dishing the Dirt” session in the annual Lab Liaisons, an event organized by the Office of the Vice-Principal, Research, at UTM to explore the inner operations of the research labs on campus.

July 2016
Bing Lu 
received the best student paper award (Third Place) for our paper entitled “Investigating Species Composition in a Temperate Grassland Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Acquired Imagery” at the 4th International Workshop on Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Applications in Guangzhou, China, July 4-6, 2016.