Research Team

Current Team Members:

Visiting PhD Student (Jan 2024 - Jan 2025)
Research Topic: Land Surface Simulation, Flash Drought Prediction, Soil Moisture Data Fusion, Machine Learning
Present Position: Visiting PhD Student in GGE at UTM, and PhD student at Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology


BSC Thesis Student and CGCS Summer Intern (Sept 2023-August 2024)
Research Topic: Assessing the Vegetation Fractional Cover and Species Diversity of Three Inactive Sites in Southern Ontario


MSC Student (Sept 2023-), Former BSc Thesis
Research Topic: A Comparison of Conventional Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Precision Urban Ecosystem Land Use Land Cover Monitoring Using Earth Observation Data

MSC Student (Sept 2023-),
Research Topic: Investigating the success of ecological rehabilitation with UAV Imagery and Cloud-Based Image Analysis
Webpage: TBA 


Research Assistant (May 2023-),
Research Topic: Drone Remote Sensing, Spatial Analysis/Modelling of Environmental Health and Public Transportation

Postdoctoral Fellow (May 2023-),
Research Topic: Integrating GeoAI and Earth Observations for Sustainable Natural-Urban Ecosystems


PhD Student (Oct 2022-Oct 2024),
Research Topic: Phenotypic and Spectral Variation in Grass, Landscape Population Genetics, Phylogeographic Pattern, Adaptive Evolution

​MSc Student (Sept 2022-),
Research Topic: Investigate the historical relationship between land use change and soil quality in southern Ontario

​Ph.D. Student (Sept 2022-)
Research Topic: Long-term Remote Sensing, Multi-source Data Fusion, Human Disturbance, Climate Change

MSc Student (Sept 2022-)
Research Topic: Dynamic Capacity of Carbon Fixation by Urban Vegetation Under Warming Climates

Ph.D. Student (Sept 2020-)
Research Topic: Precision Agriculture, Hyperspectral Remote Sensing, and Machine learning

Research Assistant (Oct 2023-), Former MSc Student (Defended in Sept. 2023)
Research Topic: Advancing Wildfire Research Through Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Image Processing Algorithms

ALUMNI (incomplete list):
High School Research Team (2023)
Mary Wei, Tiffany Li, Victor Lei, Jennifer Gao, Nathan Wang, Eric Xu
Research Topic: Google Earth Engine, Spatial Data Analysis, Image Analysis, Wildfire Disturbances
Present Position: High School Students 


YANYU WANG (Visiting 2022-Oct 2024),
Research Topic: Vegetation change tracking, Time-series analysis, and Land surface parameters mapping
Present Position: PhD student at Zhejiang University

Mitchell Bonney
 (Ph.D.,, graduated in 2022)
Thesis Title: Long-term Remote Sensing for Investigating Forest Change across a Suburbanizing Landscape
Present Position: Remote Sensing Physical Scientist at Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa

Zhaoqin Li (PDF, 2022)
Project Title: 50 years of spatial-explicit environmental data to examine changes in Northern Canada
Present Position: Data Scientist at Canada Post

Leah Marajh (Ph.D.,, graduated in 2022)
Thesis Title: Integrating Qualitative and Geospatial Data to Understand Environmental Change in a Diverse Cambodian Landscapembodia
Present Position: Senior Economist at Ontario Ministry of Energy

Alexander Axiotis (MSc,, graduated in 2021)
Thesis Title: Combining Hyperspectral Imagery and Real-time Kinematic GPS Data to Classify Mixed-wood Forest and Detect Emerald Ash Borer Infestation
Present Position: Lab Technician in the Department of Geography, Geomatics and Environment at the University of Toronto Mississauga
Phuong Duc Dao (Ph.D.,, graduated in 2021)
Thesis Title: Investigating Drought Impacts on Plant Functional Traits Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
Present Position: Assistant Professor at the Department of Agricultural Biology, Colorado State University

Cameron Proctor (Ph.D.,, graduated in 2017)
Thesis Title: Root Exudation of Sedges and Shrubs in Mer Bleue, Ontario, Canada 
Present PositionAssistant Professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Windsor

Bing Lu (Ph.D.,, graduated in 2017)
Thesis Title: Estimating Grassland Biophysical and Biochemical Properties Using Remote Sensing and Modelling
Present Position: Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography, Faculty of Environment at Simon Fraser University

Jian Yang (Ph.D.,, graduated in 2017)
Thesis Title: Synergy of Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data for Automated Extraction of Fine-scale Forest Attributes in Deciduous Forests
Present Position: Geospatial Consultant at 4DM Inc., Toronto, Canada

Courtney Soden (Msc,, graduated in 2016)
Thesis Title: The spatial and temporal variability of greenhouse gas fluxes within an urban baymouth bar coastal marsh that has undergone sediment restoration
Present Position: Technical Officer-Environment at Bruce Power, Toronto, Canada. 

Amy Mui (Ph.D.,, graduated in 2015):
Thesis Title: A Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Approach to Freshwater Turtle Conservation
Present Position: Tenured Instructor in the Environmental Science Program at Dalhousie University

Assunta Saliola (MSc,, graduated in 2014)
Thesis Title: Object-based image analysis for the delineation of canopy gaps and individual tree crowns using multi-source data: A case study in Haliburton Forest, Ontario.
Present Position: Education and Research Analyst at Esri Canada, Toronto, Canada.

Alexander Tong (MSc,, graduated in 2014)
Thesis Title: Estimating Grassland Chlorophyll Content for a Mixed Grassland: Exploring the Performance of the Empirical-Statistical and the Physical Modeling Approach
Present Position: GIS Analyst in Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada Area.

Kelly Wong (MSc,, graduated in 2012)
Thesis Title: Remote Sensing of Tall Grasslands: Estimating Vegetation Biochemical Contents at Multiple Spatial Scales and Investigating Vegetation Temporal Response to Climate Conditions
Present Position: Head of Sustainability & CSR at Kampery, Hongkong.

Justin Murffit (Undergrad Research Assistant,
Project Title
Ash Decline Assessment in Emerald Ash Borer-Infested Natural Forests Using Multispectral Images
Present Position:
Research Scientist at H2O Geomatics.